Test papers

Welcome to our new 11+ Grammar page where English tests can be purchased for a small nominal fee. They are based on the typical formal and level of papers recommended by local schools. They cover comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar. The usual linguistic techniques are addressed. There are 50 questions in each test and 50 minutes is required. A free answer sheet comes with each nominal purchase, as do the answers. The subject material is both fictional and non fiction: a fairy tale, a fantasy, an extract about life on Earth and a poem. Vocabulary levels are pitched at the correct expectation.


Test One is a fantasy adventure short story which demands careful attention to plot, and gathering the gist of a difficult word to gain meaning and identify the correct answer. As with all tests, grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes need to be identified.

Test Two has more of a science fiction and mythical slant with an intricate plot, testing pupils’ ability to navigate their way through events and ambiguous answers alike.

Test Three is a non - fictional  extract about the factors which have impacted the development of life on the planet. It demands a good level of focus to reap the facts carefully and think of the correct option.

Test Four is a poem describing an English holiday and involves a need to deduce and draw conclusions from figurative imagery.