Private Tutor class types available

Crash Course

Maths, English or Science crash course – half day intensive for each morning of the week. For example, recently an ex-marine spent a crash course on physics GCSE as a foundation to a commercial flying course. A lady is also improving her written English for promotion.

Holiday only

Some pupils take lessons during the holidays only, as a way on improving knowledge – eg. for !!+, maths GCSE etc

Exam time

Others cram prior to exams and ease off during less pressured times.


One or two consecutive hour lessons for the After School Study Club and/or Saturday School. For example, some pupils take a group lesson and a one to one during the week. Others are happy with single sessions during the week or on the Saturday.

Class sizes

Small Group

Tutoring for 3 to 5 students at £22 for 1 hour or £21 for 2 hours/ 2 siblings

One on One

Totally private one on one tutoring at £35 – £40 depending on expertise required


145 Alder Rd, Poole BH12 4AA
07855 752454